All New Cables | Built with Kevlar

Our strongest yet, made in collaboration with DuPont


Base Station

USB-C to Lightning

Tesla Model 3 | Wireless Charger

Horween Leather

since 1905

From one of America's oldest tanneries, Horween
leather is known for its premium quality and unique
character in developing a rich patina through time.

What We Stand For.


We build rugged and reliable products; buy it once, buy it right.


We value functionality, keeping you
powered and protected from nightstand to mountaintop.


We are minimalist, always striving to do more, with less.

Modern Strap

for Apple Watch

Designed for Apple Watch, this is a modern take on a classic strap. Built with timeless Horween Leather
and our custom stainless steel hardware.

Rugged Case

for AirPods

This minimalist two-piece case is designed to protect your AirPods and provide a unique, classic
look with sleek, black Horween leather.

Rugged Tri-Folio

for iPhone

A folio case taken to the next level, with more flaps and even more storage, the new Tri-Folio is designed to completely replace your wallet


Our Story

Nomad is much more than a brand name. It's our philosophy as a company and as a team; owning fewer things, being resourceful, and seeking adventure.